Committees and Parliamentary Diplomacy

Committees are at the core of the Senate’s work. Here, Senators are able to study specific social, political and economic issues, hear from witnesses and experts, and deliberate in a focused environment. Committees produce reports that give in depth information based on testimonies and research that help inform legislative deliberation and voting.

You can learn more about the committees I am a member of below:

Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans
Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying
Standing Committee on the Rules, Rights and Procedures of Parliament
Standing Committee on National Security, Defence, and Veterans Affairs

Friendship Groups

An important part of my job is staying connected with my community and partnering with local friendship groups and advocacy organizations. This helps me ensure that I am accurately representing and advocating for the needs of all Nova Scotians. Currently, I am member of the following friendship groups:

  • Canada-Korea Interparliamentary Friendship Group
  • Canada-CARICOM Friendship Group
  • Canada-Ukraine Friendship Group
  • Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-China Legislative Association
  • Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • Canada-Turkey Friendship Group

I was also the Head of the Canadian Delegation to the 29th Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) You can learn more about the role of friendship groups in parliamentary affairs here.