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Living in this COVID-19 pandemic is a test of our resolve, a challenge to our ability to adapt and become more resilient. It is also an opportunity to remake our society so that the fractures and injustices that have been starkly exposed during this time can be made right for the future. We will not be returning to “normal”, we will be creating a new normal. To do that, we need to reset our expectations and perform our collective responsibility to look out for each other and to ensure that we are acting to maintain our health and that of our families and communities.

To assist us in that task, it is essential that we inform ourselves using best available scientific information and follow the advice of our public health care leaders. To help us act on that collective responsibility, this page provides access to a number of trusted resources. Please use and share widely.

Senator Stan Kutcher

Reliable Sources of COVID-19 Information

We live in a time of extraordinary accessibility to information and the internet allows us to access reports and testimonies from a wide range of sources. As COVID-19 research is being conducted, science literacy is more important than ever. Gathering information from reliable voices is a key part of protecting yourself and your community from the threat of COVID-19. We must think critically about the information that is presented to us, especially health and science information that we have found on the internet.

In an effort to combat misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19, I have collected some reliable sites, organizations and individuals who consistently publish information based on the best available evidence-based science and listed them below.

World Health Organization

Science Up First

Government of Canada

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Nova Scotia Health Authority


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